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Our mission is to promote inclusivity and scientific rigor in the study of sex differences and women's health.

Identifying Barriers to Implementation of SABV 


With collaborator Katrina Karkazis, Dr. Maney is studying the implementation of the NIH policy on Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV). This project is funded by the Emory Specialized Center for Research Excellence on Sex Differences.

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Evaluating Claims of Sex Differences in the Era of SABV

See our award-winning poster, presented by Yesenia Garcia at Emory's 1st Annual Workshop on How to Incorporate SABV in Your Research!

A Beginner's Guide to Sex Differences in the Brain


An opinion piece published in The Conversation

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Interested in calculating an effect size and overlap for a sex difference you are reading about? Or one you discovered yourself? Use our tool to generate graphs! And if you prefer colors other than pink and blue, head to

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