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The Maney lab composed this document to establish and uphold our commitment to one other and to the broader community, in pursuit of collectively fighting systemic racism both in STEM and in academic environments generally. Here, we reaffirm our dedication to equity and inclusion. Below, we have listed the collective actions we are taking to create a welcoming and uplifting environment for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality, religion, economic privilege, or disability.

As lab members, we agree to:

  • Actively learn about our individual privileges and how to utilize our privilege to uplift those who may struggle in ways we don’t understand.

  • Listen to one another.

  • Solve problems together.

  • Respect one another’s space, belongings, and safety.

  • Commit to being mindful about the implications of our research in a broader societal context, careful in the way we interpret our own and others’ findings, and conscientious in our communication both within academia and in the public domain.

  • Practice having productive and honest conversations, including those that make us uncomfortable.

  • Be open to feedback about the impact of our actions, acknowledge the harm we may cause, apologize without making excuses, be willing to learn, and adjust our behavior.

  • Remember that while we are all here to be scientists, we are also all human and will make mistakes from which we must be willing to learn.


We commit to revisiting and revising this document on a regular basis as we continue to learn how we, as a community of scientists, can help address inequalities and injustices and effect change.


Additional resources:


Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


University Reporting (Academic Misconduct & Bias Reporting)

Office of the Ombudsman


Drafted by Nicole Baran, Isabel Fraccaroli, Naomi Green, Stephanie Lee, Jennifer Merritt, Natalie Pilgeram, and Mackenzie Prichard.

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